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We’re not really fans of too much self-flattery. There only so much describing that we can do ourselves - we’d much rather you come try our food to give us your honest opinion! So if you need to know what makes our food stand out, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Ask your friend who have already visited; check out some reviews; or read the comments on our Facebook, and TripAdvisor pages.


However, we do believe in our food. We definitely would never serve a dish that we didn’t fully believe in; that we didn’t believe captures the philosophy of the Tosca Restaurant. What is this food philosophy, you might ask?

We believe in authenticity - we want you to feel like you’re experiencing Italy in the heart of Mellieha.

We believe in aesthetics - the look should match the taste. We want to serve dishes that look too pretty to eat, but you totally would anyway.

We believe in experimenting - we love the same classic Italian dishes as you do. However, loving something doesn’t mean you set it in stone. We pay tribute to the classic cuisine by adding our own unique touch to dishes, in order to create an interpretation that is still extremely faithful to the Italian dining you’d expect.

We believe in variety - if you have a look at our menu, you’ll see that we don’t leave out any essentials. From antipasti to dolci, you’ll find a meal that suits whatever your heart fancies.

We believe in freshness - this is the crux of the way we do things at the Tosca. Just as overcooking a steak is an insult to the quality of the steak, not using the freshest ingredients is an insult to any meal, and any patron.


Have a look at our menu below...

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